Immobiliser programming, repair or removal service


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An immobiliser is an anti-theft mechanism that prevents an automobile's engine from starting unless the correct ignition key or other device is present.

This device prevents thieves from starting the car by a method known as hot wiring. Most new vehicles have an immobiliser as standard equipment.

An important advantage of this system is that it doesn't require the car owner to activate it; it operates automatically. In some cases this system can fail and will not allow to start the engine. If the car won't start and the immobiliser light is on or flashing we can help. Some vans e.g. Mercedes Sprinter, display a start error fault - we can repair this too.

Immobiliser problems can occur for many reasons - key fobs that have lost their coding, key fobs with lost transponder chips, damaged or corroded wiring, faulty engine ECU or faulty immobiliser ECU, faulty BSI units, faulty instrument cluster (if a part of immo system), damaged receiver rings, low car battery and more.

After exchange some modules for other - second hand, the car may not start, because of different immo code and chassis number stored in the replaced part.

We can reprogram a used ECU, ECM, DME, BSI, BCM, UCH, EWS, immobox, instrument cluster etc. resetting VIN number and the immo code, virtually making the unit "virgin", then we successfully set up to work in another car. If the instrument cluster replaced we can adjusting the mileage to original.

We can help whatever make or model your vehicle is - car, motorbike or van.

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